Friday, 10 December 2010

Lucky Dog

Two years ago Kathy, the oldest member of Yarm Writers Group, was ninety . One week she read us a story about her visit to see her latest great grandson.

She told us that in addition to the baby there was a new dog in the house. Kathy is quite small. The dog was big and it greeted her by putting its paws on her shoulder and licking her face.

That week the topic for our writing piece was ‘Lucky or Unlucky.’ This gave me the idea, I hesitate to say inspired me to write a piece called ‘Lucky Dog.’ I jotted it down and read it out at the end of the meeting. It read:

“I wish I was a lucky dog.
If I were a lucky dog.
I would get the chance,
To lick Kathy all over her face.”

At the next meeting Kathy was waiting for me to arrive. I was commanded to, “Sit!” If I did she said I would not have to beg. I did as I was told. From behind her back she pulled a small bag with some treats for a dog.
Since then I have been, not only talking to dogs in the village but also ‘treating’ them.

Some weeks later I used Microsoft Publisher to create a copy of my story to present to her. I even added a picture of one of my daughter’s dogs.

When I gave her it she said I had made her day.

The only thing that worried me was her last comment, “This deserves something more than treats”


alberta ross said...

oh dear the mind boggles 'something more than treats'!!
very nice

Bob Scotney said...

Hi Alberta, good to see you here. The dogs in my village still remember Kathy's treats.

Christine H. said...

Great story and I love the photo of your daughters dog, so chocolaty and velvety that I wanted to reach up and pet it.

Bob Scotney said...

Christine - Unfortunately since the picture was taken Jack, known affectionally as the Brown Bomber, has had to be put to sleep.

L. D. said...

Oh I didn't need to know that, but it was a beautiful dog. I liked your poem and Kathy sounds like a great writing friend to know.