Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sunday Stamps - Singers/Musicians - Norway, USA, Great Britain

In 1985 I was working in Norway. I didn't know then that it was the European Music Year. However a Norwegian Europa stamp issued on 10 June showed Targjel Augundsson a violinist who lived from 1801-1872.

He was also known as Myltarguten and he paved the way for playing the Hardanger fiddle.

I am not very musical but I had heard the song "Someone to Watch Over Me." by - 

USA - 21 September 1999
For a singer I just had to choose - 

Great Britain - 14 March 2017
However I could not resist showing one of my favourites from my garden.

Great Britain - 4 May 2017
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Mail Adventures said...

The last one must be the best singer! :)

Joy said...

Bowie makes an appearance on my singers too. The song thrush stamp is very beautiful.

violet s said...

I'm so happy you included the song thrush!!
I hadn't heard of the hardanger fiddle - it is quite ornate, and seems complicated.
And am I the only one bothered by Ira's glasses??