Sunday, 6 October 2019

Sunday Stamps - Harvest; Denmark

Rather than not post anything for this week's theme I decided to go back to Denmark for a stamp I have shown several times before.

Denmark - binder
As a school holiday job on a local farm I had the job of following the binder and forming a 'stook' produced by propping two sheaves up against one another  This kept the ears of corn off the ground.

Not many years later binders were replaced by the combine harvester followed by a baler. I then had the job of heaving rectangular bales onto a trailer. Now the bales have become huge cylinders and manual lifting is not required.

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Mail Adventures said...

This is an original stamp!

Joy said...

A clever machine. I was in Suffolk for my holidays and enjoyed seeing a great variety of bale types and indeed there was even a field of stooks.

violet s said...

I think I'd rather be forming those stooks than lifting heavy bales!