Sunday, 9 September 2018

Sunday Stamps D3 - Great Britain

I have gone back to the 1960s for 'D' Stamps this week.

Great Britain - 28 August 1961
For doves and the CEPT emblem commemorating the centenary of the Post Office Savings Bank.

From a set for British Wild Flowers issued on 24 April 1967 - 

Dog Violets
Move over to Sunday-stamps-d to see more 'D' related stamps. I have to do that and also go back there to see what others posted for 'C' which I missed while on holiday.


FinnBadger said...

I always enjoy seeing pre-decimal postage. I really like the simplicity of the CEPT design.

Karen S. said...

Lovely stamps Bob! You always come up with some great stamps for this and you've been at this for a very long time. Still going strong with ideas.

Eva A. said...

I din't know the name "dog violets"!

Maria said...

The dog violets are intriguing for me and I have to google why it's called such. Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

Striking CEPT stamps, I love the dove.

violet s said...

I love how these old CEPT stamps includes an image that represents the number of its members.
Dog violet is a new term for me, also.