Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Thematic Photography - Red

You may, like me. have trouble in deciding what is really red - so here are some shades of red from our garden this morning.

Pieris - Mountain Fire
Azalea (on the left)
A wind-battered rhododendron
Battered it may be but not ready for a trip in a

40 year old barrow with a faded red wheel

You may find Carmi's edible red theme at Thematic-photographic-419.


Donna B. McNicol said...

Beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing...I did the same with our garden but not color related.

Pat Tillett said...

Really nice photos Bob! Spring certainly has sprung.

carmilevy said...

That wheelbarrow wheel is awesome! 40 years of sunlight have painted it even more wonderfully than it would have ever been new! I love your diversity in support of this week's theme. Thanks Bob!

Karen S. said...

Wow, I'd say spot on Bob. But I know what you mean about red, so many shades but that's what's so cool about this! Your wide selection of items was very interesting too! You featured a wheelbarrow and I even have a lawn tractor too! Great minds, and great lawn lovers!