Sunday, 27 May 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'O': Norway, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo contains three Viking ships - Tune, Gokstad and Oseberg. In 2014 Norway issued a set of three stamps to commemorate the Museum Unfortunately the one in my collection does not show a ship.

Norway - 28 April 2014
Saudi Arabia has vast reserves of oil so it should be no surprise that their stamps reflect this.

Al Khafji Oil Producting-plant - 1976

In 2000 the first series of Millennium Project 'Above and Beyond' stamps included one of my favourite birds.

Great Britain - World Owl Trust, Muncaster

Now if you are wise you will look for other 'O' related stamps at Sunday-Stamps-o.


violet s said...

I don't know, but those two Vikings look like they are engaging in a rather friendly battle!

Joy said...

Love the close up view of an owl. A popular bird, I believe this year's owl and owlet set has been in high demand.

FinnBadger said...

The owl stamp is stunning. I thought the Millennium series was beautifully done.

Eva A. said...

I'd never think of oil, but now I think there must be a lot of stamps about this theme, especially in certain countries.

Ana said...

Haha, indeed violet, that doesn't seem an angry battle at all!

I love owls but that stamp makes it a bit scary :)

Jo said...

Wot no ships? I love the owl.