Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'P': Great Britain, Norway

I may have shown these before but they are worth another outing.

When I was a boy, fishing on the River Welland, I was always pleased to catch one of these - 

Great Britain - Perch 26 January 1983
Salmon, trout and pike were also in that set of British River Fish. Shame I do not have that pike.

The set for the Centenary of the Royal Society for Protection of Birds issued on 17 January 1989 included - 

I always like stamps depicting dogs and despite the time I spent in Norway I never knew that this was a - 

Norwegian Puffin Dog (1983)

I was still in Norway when that stamp was issued.

For other 'P' stamps just pop over to the links at Sunday-stamps-p.


Joy said...

That is a very perky puffin, love how the artist has featured the feet. Glad you have kept the puffin safe from the dog with a line of text:)

Eva A. said...

I had received that fish, and I find the series very accurate. But the portrait of the puffin has impressed me!

violet s said...

ooh, I love that you found a puffin bird and a puffin dog!!

Ana said...

Never heard of a Norwegian Puffin Dog... never heard of the word puffin in any other context though except for the birds.

Bob Scotney said...

The puffin dog gets its name from it being used to find puffin nests and for hunting the birds.

agi said...

A great selection of animal stamps, esp as there is one of my favourite birds :) Last year I managed to see some puffins from afar, I hope to do it more up close at some point...