Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Please be seated - Thematic Photography

More shots from a morning walk waiting for someone to ask, 'Please be seated.'

A seat tucked away
Roadside bench
This is located on a roundabout, seated here you would breath in exhaust fumes from 1000+ vehicles in a hour.

Much better that you sit in a quiet garden with space for your friends.

Select which view you prefer
You would need to sit down at this bus stop,

with only 6 buses a week
three each Tuesday and Thursday - none in the afternoons.

It's enough to drive you to drink at the Crown.

Pleased to be seated outside
Or perhaps you would prefer to take a few cans home and relax in this garden seat.

I know which one I would chose and not wait to be asked. See others please to be seated at Carmi's thematic-photographic-381.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

ahhh themes to me usually mean forced shots

But that first one is lovely. Kudos

Kristin said...

I would choose the first one. Beautiful.

fredamans said...

I love the garden seats. So lovely, all of them though.

Karen S. said...

They are all great and inviting, but my favorites are the first (very cozy) and the last one!

Alexia said...

I really like the way you've framed them all, with trees and flowers and shrubs - just beautiful!

photodoug said...

Bob, nothing beats a bench seat in the garden. Thanks for sharing.

evasmoodboard said...

very inviting :)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Home in the garden with some cans and some friends looks grand, Bob.

Gilly said...

Lovely garden seats - much the best! It always puzzles me why seats are placed where there is so much traffic fumes!

Gilly's Camera said...

Love 'em all!