Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Signs - Thematic Photography

I have been having trouble loading photos from Google photos since they changed their system. They load in a post OK but visitors to my blog can't see them, especially when the post is shared on Facebook. Even there I can't see them either unless I'm signed in to Google.

So I am trying to upload them differently today.

There are many signs that I see on my daily walk to fetch a newspaper. My daughter will recognise their location I'm sure as she went on the same walk with me when over here recently.

Sign of the times
Not what it seems
When you see this:

No buses!
No shortage of warning signs for drivers
I walk on the other side and it's too early to call in here;

Or wander off down a footpath to the fields.

I must not upset the Governor of the local prison by ignoring his instructions.

A different field opens up other opportunities if I needed a rest.

That sign points to where it's possible for youngsters to get some exercise.

However there is one sign that I take for granted as I pass it frequently.

The sign on our house
It's time I gave it some TLC and repainted it - if only I wasn't so tired from my four mile walk.

I hope you pay attention to the signs you see; check out those shared with us at Carmi's Thematic-photographic-350.


Karen S. said...

Oh I like that sign about not tipping rubbish, which I believe means no dumping of garbage or other things. I rather like your way over no dumping! I also like the sign on your house!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I see them fine, Bob. Interesting collection, I am not used to some of those.

Common Household Mom said...

I had no problem seeing the photos. Interesting signs!

Jo said...

I once had a similar sign on my house in Kent. Many years ago now. They are overhauling all the bus stops around here and I am beginning to think all the people in my building, who rely on buses, are going to have a big problem.