Sunday, 20 September 2015

Technology/industry - Sunday Stamps II

I'm sure that you are all aware how quickly technology gets outdated. The FDC I acquired recently illustrates this very well.

Great Britain - Information Technology, 8 Sept 1982
You will appreciate this more when you look at the individual stamps.

Development of Communications
Modern Technological Aids
I don't think I need to explain anything else.

From 1939 when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia, the country was split into Bohemia and Moravia.

Czechoslovakia: Bohemia - 1939
The stamp shows the ironworks at Moravska-Ostrava.

A stamp from South Africa depicts

South Africa - 1961, Western Deep Level Mine
The mine is located in the West Wits gold field and then was said to be the world's deepest.

For technological/industry examples follow the links at Violet's Sunday-Stamps-II-40.


Joy said...

"Space age technology here today", ah the post office at the cutting edge, so funny. I like the stamps and their three views.

Heleen said...

The two three-pictures-stamps are my favourite, nice and interesting designs.

The South African mine stamp makes me think of how hard the miner's life is. For me it's impossible to imagine how daily life would be without any glimpse of sunlight. In the Netherlands the last coal mine was closed about 40 years ago, and I know the Dutch miners had a lot of health problems, also even later in life.
Meanwhile for many miners all-over the world this - to my opininon horrible, or at least difficult - work is daily business (for a small fee, I'm afraid..).

Thank you for sharing all of these interesting stamps!

Eva A. said...

I like the first set, and the way the explain the technological evolution. I also like the way they wrote the numbers!

violet s said...

The ironworks stamp from Czechoslovakia reminds me of some of the steel mills near where I live. I find the maze of pipes endlessly intriguing.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - hasn't so much changed. The Bohemian works I thought were going to be of glass .. but obviously not - the iron and steel industry was too important. Mining .. I went down one 'shallow' gold mine - and have no wish to repeat the process ... I admire all miners from the beginning of time - so so brave and adventurous for the spoils the mines offered.

Interesting world - cheers Hilary