Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Where You Work - Thematic Photography

As I have retired 'Where You Work' is not an easy theme for me.

I guess I shall have to say that it's gardening that takes my time.

This is the type of gardening I like - just put in one  and let the plants do all the work.

Wheelbarrow (against the compost bin) with the tool store on the right.
Climbing rose on the fence
I've just noticed that the camera must  not have been held correctly as the birdbath is definitely not on the skew.

Lupins with the one alium at the front.
In the front garden there's a second lawn to cut as well as bushes to keep in shape - a gardener's work is never done.

So why am I not out there working hard. Well it's a wet day again.

However some of my assistants work no matter what the weather.

Jenny Wren
She's hard at it while I'm checking out 'where you work' by following the links at Carmi's Thematic-photographic-346.


Karen S. said...

Truly a work of art here Bob! Gardening is such good therapy for me too, and something that will forever be a dutiful job for me as well! With such lovely rewards as this right here in every photo.

Gilly said...

Oh Gosh! Bob, you've got a better garden than I have! Do you do all the planting, weeding, etc.? Great shot of the Wren - they are so quick, in and out of things like mice!!

Bob Scotney said...

Gillu - it's usually my wife who tells me what to plant - if she doesn't do it herself. I'm left with the heavy work, with the weeding and taking out the plants that 'choke' her favourites.

Jo said...

Lovely garden Bob. Do you grow veggies or just the pretty stuff?

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I should post a photo of my desk.

Alexia said...

You must be very pleased with the results of your hard work, Bob. It's a lovely garden. As someone with a very new garden on what was bare land when we built 3 years ago, I am very envious!

What is the name of that climbing rose?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What a beauty, Bob. You and your wife can be very proud!