Sunday, 9 August 2015

Food - Sunday Stamps II

This week's food and/or drink theme proved harder than I thought.

I had to visit the local market where I knew there would be plenty to chose from. The coin and stamp stall came up trumps again with vegetables from Romania issued in 1963.

Romania - 1963
Even I can recognise what they are. I believe that there was another stamp (cucumber) in the set.

If you are not a vegetarian but have a sweet tooth then perhaps it's the mithai confectionery/sweets that are more to your taste.

Singapore - 2009
I have no drink for you to wash it down but perhaps you will find some by following the links at Violet's Sunday-Stamps-ii-34.


Joy said...

Yes I found the theme hard too but happily you managed to find your five a day.

FinnBadger said...

Great set from Romania. The Singapore stamp is really unusual - both in theme and execution - however the final product is gorgeous.

Jo said...

Interesting stamps Bob. No English ones?

VioletSky said...

You have found some perfect vegetables!
Sorry, I had no idea this would be such a challenging theme! Your market stall dealer must be pleased with my attempts to get you out buying his fare :)

Heleen said...

I love vegetables, and the Romanian stamps are a pleasure to see!
Thank you Bob, and your market dealer, for sharing!

Michelle said...

A great showing and I do like the Singapore stamp!