Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lighthouses - Sunday Stamps II

I decided to start in Scandinavia this week with the 300th Anniversary of the Swedish Lighthouse Service commemorated in 1969.

Sweden -1969
Travelling by the southernmost tip of mainland Norway on the peninsula Neset you past the country's oldest lighthouse - built in 1655.

Lindesnes Lighthouse - Norway (16 February 1983)
Beachy Head is one of England's famous lighthouses and it appeared in a set commemorating Safety at Sea on 18 June 1985.

Great Britain - Beachy Head Lighthouse and Chart
Unfortunately the chart is obscured by the postmark.

Les Casquets lighthouse in the Channel Islands appears on a Guernsey stamp issued on 10 February 1976. The Lighthouse was built in 1723.

Guernsey - 1976
For more enlightenment just visit the links at Violet's Sunday-Stamps-ii-36.


violet s said...

Les Casquets lighthouse looks to be quite the compound!

Joy said...

Amazing a 1655 lighthouse is still standing and its a beautifully designed stamp. I went with a Scandinavian influence too.

FinnBadger said...

I really like the graphic design of the first stamp.

Jo said...

Been to Beachy Head and seen the lighthouse. A loooong time ago. I have an apron with lots of the North Carolina lighthouses on it.

viridian said...

Great entry today!

Heleen said...

Four lighthouses, and all designs are so different! I love the simple design of Swedish, and the night atmosphere of the Norwegian one. Also the other two are beauties (the bright colours on the third stamp makes it my favourite).
Thank you for sharing!

Eva A. said...

The first lighthouses, with the lights on, are really original. Me too, I love that design.