Sunday, 28 December 2014

Toys for Christmas - Sunday Stamps II

In 1968 the Christmas stamps show children with toys, just right for this week's theme.

Great Britain - Christmas 1968
In addition to the 'Children with Rocking Horse' and the 'Boy with Train Set' there was a third (9d) stamp of a 'Girl with Doll's House' which I need to complete the set.

The 2003 series of Classic Transport Toys included this:- 

Great Britain - 18 September 2002

It doesn't seem 65 years ago that I had a Meccano set (I wonder what happened to it) with which I spent many happy hours. I never built a plane with it, as far as I can remember.

To play around with other toys please visit the links at Sunday-stamps-II


VioletSky said...

Wow - that is a big rocking horse!
I seem to remember building bridges and archways with our Meccano set. (I say 'our' as It probably belonged to my much older brother and by the time I was ready for it, he had outgrown it)

Lisa B said...

I don't recall seeing the xmas stamp with the boy with the railway, nor do I have the middle value.
'Snap' on the Meccano stamp.

Joy said...

I only remember the rocking horse stamp. I liked looking at the ambitious projects available to make with meccano but never built any.

Jo said...

I remember having a rocking horse.

Karen S. said...

Bob these are just great! I still have a rocking horse out back for the children to ride!