Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Stamps - Sunday Stamps II : 1

Last week Postcardy showed the PHQ cards for the GB Christmas stamps of 1981.

I find that it's easier to acquire the stamps from years like this than it is to get the current year through the post. These children's pictures were no exception.

Great Britain - Christmas 1981
The stamps and the children were:

  • Father Christmas - Samantha Brown (aged 5)
  • Jesus - Tracy Jenkins (14)
  • Flying Angel - Lucinda Blackmore (6)
  • Joseph and Mary arriving at Bethlehem - Stephen Moore (16)
  • Three Kings approaching Bethlehem - Sophia Sharp (8)

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks to Violet Sky for continuing the Sunday Stamps meme at Sunday-stamps-II


Joy said...

Even in times past you would only tend to see the two lower values which is probably why they are the only ones I remember/have of these. Wouldn't it be nice to receive a parcel full of stamps like these.

Postcardy said...

They look different in a small size than they do on my PHQ cards.

Jo said...

Well you will be getting some of the Christmas stamps I've received this year Bob.

Merry Christmas from Canada.

Lisa B said...

This is a lovely set. Merry Christmas.

violet s said...

I like how they have drawings from different age groups. I guess it is better to be a 'lower value' design if you want everyone to see your creation!

Heleen said...

Wow, the two stamps designed by the teenagers look really professional!
Anyway, the five of them look great.

Carole Anne Carr Author said...

Lovely stamps and a very Happy Christmas, Bob.