Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lying down on the job - Thematic Photography

Some excuses made for lying down on the job are just a lot of hot air.

Not in this case, perhaps.
Labradors love to eat and sleep but:

Somebody's pinched 'their' sofa
However it's better when you can have a bed to yourself.

But why won't folks leave you alone when you just want to get on the job by lying on the floor?

But when it's time to change the sheets and pillowcases, it's an ideal time to:

Lie down on the job
If you are not too tired, now is the time to visit others lying down as well at Carmi's Thematic-photographic-284.


Jo said...

Yawn. It's a dog's life.

Karen S. said...

Your dogs live a loving and sweet life, and this I knew before these adorable photos! Dogs do rule!

Gilly said...

Love those! Lovely colour shot of the balloon, but the dogs are best!!