Sunday, 30 March 2014

Buses and Public Transport - Sunday Stamps

It's rather ironic that this week's theme is 'Buses and Public Transport.' 

Yesterday our bus services were withdrawn and now the village where I live has no public transport at all, despite the railway track crossing a bridge over the lane where our house is located.

That's why I am going by bus on a world tour with my stamps.
In Singapore we'll go for a ride on a trolley bus.
And finish up on a double-decker.
Don't you just hate it when two buses come along together, not that there's much chance of that happening where I live unless I have walked 3 miles first!

Perhaps others at Viridian's Sunday-stamps-164 have had better luck.


Lisa B said...

Ha ha! Talk about 2 buses arriving at the same time - Snap for the Romanian one :)

Kristin said...

That's too bad that they took away the public transportation. I don't take it but when I was young and on my own in Detroit, the bus and walking were my main methods of transportation. 3 miles is a long way to walk to catch a bus.

Karen S. said...

Bob, those Singapore stamps are so boldly colorful. I am sorry about your bus service, it's hard to believe because where you live there is always (so I believed) lots of public transportation, not like in my country, which you surely know from your Michigan trips! My girlfriend's bus line that took her everyday to downtown Minneapolis, threatened to drop her stop, but all the riders got angry and wrote letters and etc. and luckily they saved their stop!

Jo said...

So what are people in your village supposed to do. OK for those with cars, but for the people without, especially the elderly, is there no consideration for them?

Love the stamps today. No English double decker?

Glenda said...

I had fun on your tour and I would love to ride in a Double Decker bus.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Thankfully, our bus services have been improved recently, I'm delighted to say. I didn't know Singapore had double deckers. Everyone always seems so fascinated by London buses.

VioletSky said...

It is awful that so many places are losing their public transit. It must be difficult to keep ridership, but they don't make it easy for us most of the time.

viridian said...

I love your trip around the world. I am sorry your village lost its public transport.
Thank you for participating!

Heleen said...

So sad and bad that they have withdrawn your bus services - in these times when public transport should increase instead of vanish. Due to decrease of sources for fuel and so we should cherish public transportation!

Anyway, I am enjoying your beautiful stamps a lot, thank you for sharing!