Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Liquidity - Thematic Photography

Liquidity means water to me, now that I am teetotal and not a fan of fancy coffee brands.

The pills I'm required to take each day include some water tablets that give a whole new meaning to running water. However watery scenes will figure prominently in my 'Liquidity' shots.

Leland fish falls, Michigan
The Leland River runs into Lake Michigan whose size I had not appreciated until I reached its shores.
Waves lapping the Lake Michigan shoreline
In the Norwegian mountains, east of Stavanger, falls are a frequent attraction for anyone with a camera.
Norwegian stream
These do not have a name as there are hundreds like it depending where you go.

In 2002 we went to a wedding in Germany and used the occasion to visit some falls described by Mary Shelley in a travel narrative published in 1844. She wrote, "A portion of the cataract arches over the lowest platform and the spray fell thickly upon us, as standing on it and looking up we saw wave and rock and cloud and the clear heavens through its ever-moving veil. This was a new sight exceeding anything I had ever seen; however, not to be wet through, I was obliged quickly to tear myself away."

Somehow I don't think we got as close had she had been to -
The Rheinfalls
To get me on the water it would have to be somewhat smoother, rather like this day.
Barque Endeavour approaching Whitby
Of course I wouldn't have been able to take any of these shots without - 
Can you count the quids in the 'Li ity'?

For other insights to Carmi's 'Liquidity' theme follow the links at Thematic-photographic-287.


Carmi Levy said...

The fish falls look like the kind of place I could just drink in for days. You've captured such a spirit in all of these places, all of them so defined by water.

Love your final shot: you made me laugh, Bob, because you know how much I enjoy when folks make the theme their own. You certainly did here!

Karen S. said...

Wow, your first photo what a great capture especially of the sail boat it just draws me in! I grew up on Lake Michigan and Huron is also a mighty force to beware of! Much like Lake Superior now living in Minnesota! You have fulfilled my thirst deliciously!

Jo said...

Having lived on the water for a large portion of my life, I enjoyed these pictures. We have a fair few water falls here too, one rather big one you may have heard of, but a local city has 100 waterfalls in its boundaries.

Bob Scotney said...

Jo - I have some Niagara photos but they are no very good.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

More than likely, Mary was waxing poetic. You think.

Jo said...

I think we have hundreds from when we first came here. Hardly ever go there any more, usually too crowded apart from anything else and can't park anywhere near.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love the water, too, Bob.

Your waterfalls are excellent.

Gilly said...

Loved all of those shots! Especially Lake Michigan - I hadn't realised how big it is until I visited Chicago years and years ago!

Sharon Himsl said...

Hi. Just visiting from the A-Z list. Like the photos here, enjoyed your stamp collection--so few collect them anymore. I'll check back.

Silvia Villalobos said...

Can't count 'em, I don't think, but I eery much enjoyed your photos. Water ... so much beauty ... over such huge expanse.
Silvia @

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

Just catching up on reading blogs for a bit today and see your liquidity theme matches Sepia's water. I like the first photo of Lake MI the best, someday it will thaw and boats will be out there again.