Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shadows - Thematic Photography

The theme of 'Shadows' is one of those that you can meet by accident or design. Many of my previous posts would be fine here also, but I try not to repeat photos I have shown before.

Boat waiting for transport
In this shot it would have been impossible to shoot the boat without incorporating its shadow. However other shadows have been included as well.

When shooting dogs (not literally) you sometimes do not have time to think about shadowy effects.

Gem on her way to the house
The shadow in the next shot enhances a view on a Michigan golf course.

Oxford Hills Golf Course - looking back from 10th tee 
You may be able to make out the shadow of a golf cart too.

Then there are times when the shot has been taken deliberately to catch the subject in shade.

Blind Sam smells his way home
In the next shot I was more concerned about framing the road with the trees; the shadows turned out to be a bonus.

Oakwood Road, MI
When it comes to old ruins, no not me, shadows can add a dramatic effect.

Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire
But enough of my shadowy past, it's time for you to check out other shades at Carmi's Thematic-photographic-225


Sandra Tyler said...

love the one with the shadow of the dog. Like two dogs!

dean said...

Fountains Abbey - is that one of the abbeys that Henry dissolved?

Susan Kane said...

Sometimes the shadows say a lot.

Karen S. said...

Very cool Bob, you certainly are right about the shadows being by accident or design...sometimes I just love playing with the perpetual shadow....and when they find us by surprise- which I think a couple of these's just wonderful! Great shadows, fave is the black dog of course! Once my work is finished today- I'll be posting mine!

Bob Scotney said...

@dean - Fountains Abbey is one dissolved by Henry VIII. It is the largest of the Cisterian ruined abbeys and is a World Heritage Site.

Aunt Snow said...

The fountains Abbey shot is way cool. The dog shots....awwwwww!

Karen S. said...

It's so funny, I stopped by here this morning, and hadn't even read Carmi's post yet, but then after reading thoughts went straight to the song Me and My Shadow too! I had to google it, and hear it again!

Gilly said...

Fountains Abbey is terrific! Sun and ruins is always a great opportunity.

Love the dogs - what breed is Gem?

Bob Scotney said...

@Gilly - Gem is a labrador cross (or mutt as the Americans call it); but what the mix is we do not know. An old girl, she is 13.

Max Sartin said...

The boat and it's shadow are awesome, and I really like the Oakwood Road. It reminds me of the roads up to our cabin in NH when I was a kid.

Alexia said...

I really like the trees' shadows over the road - and the shot of old Sam tugs at my heart

Morgan'sRevenge said...

Absolutely love the shots of Oakwood Road and the Abbey! Lovely work.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

oooooh, poor old sam...

i LOVE the shadow shot of the sun peeking through the ruins!! wow!!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Love those doggies, Bob.