Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Industrial Disease- Thematic Photography

Having spent many years in industry, this is a theme where I thought I would be spoilt for choice but it did not turn out that way I had expected.

First some photos used during an environmental auditing course to illustrate environmental effects..

East European Industrial Plant
If this was your first view of the factory, what would you expect its environmental effects to be?

On closer inspection some effects are obvious, like this:

Polluted watercourse
Many industrial (and former) industrial towns can have picturesque settings seen from afar.

Middlesbrough (from the Saltholme Nature Reserve)
That hill in the centre is Roseberry Topping. Another Saltholme view shows Middlesbrough's iconic Transporter Bridge.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
and industrial buildings on the River Tees

I hope you noticed the tower to the left of the picture - you will see that again.

Middlehaven, Middlesbrough
 Middlehaven is a 250 acre redevelopment site that has been under development since the 1990s, based around the dock in the centre of the town. The picture show the entry into the dock from the River Tees. The hoop structure is called Temenos and is meant to attract visitors to the town. You can read about it here

Also in the picture (right) is the framework of a dock crane, while the Transporter and the old dock clock tower are on the left.

Closer this is what you see.

Site clearance 2010
Middlesbrough FC's Riverside Stadium (Behind Temenos)
Although some flats and apartments have been appeared the only building of any note on the site is, a monstrosity to my eyes, this college.

Middlesbrough College (2010)
I wonder what my daughter will think of this when she sees it for the first time, after Christmas when we make our way through the site to see a match at the Riverside.

Riverside Stadium across Middlehaven
Industrial disease or progress?

To see what other diseases to catch or avoid walk over to Carmi's thematic-photographic-226


Jo said...

The final picture gives the best impression of all. The college looks pretty awful doesn't it. They have built a campus locally which I too think is a monstrosity.

Mike Burnett said...

If you hadn't said; I would have taken that building to be an old sportsground stand made out of recycled planking. So much for modern architecture, but what do I know - I only have eyes to see.

Seasonal Greeting Bob

Alexia said...

Excellent series, Bob - some great examples of horrible visual pollution!

Max Sartin said...

Well, I was thirsty until I saw the polluted waterway. Nice set of pictures of industrial blight.