Monday, 20 February 2012

Rotterdam's Delftsche Poort

My booklet of postcards by Weenenk& Snel included this photo:

Delftsche Poort

It is interesting to compare this with another older view.

Delftsche Poort - 1898
Viewed from the city, near the River Schie

There is a very depressing picture of what happened to this old city gate on 14 May 1940  here

I can find no later photos so it looks a though it no longer exists. Perhaps someone could let me know.


Unknown said...

Probably not, one of my best friends is a German lady from Berlin and her description of the destruction is horrific, whilst I was cowering in London, she was doing the same in her city.....

Unknown said...

Ooops, just realised after I'd posted that you were referring to the city gate in Holland, never mind, put it down to the fact that it's late and I've been working too hard. :00

L. D. said...

It would be interesting to see if it was rebuilt. I liked the windmill in the background.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. the War was horrific at the best of times .. so it's interesting to see the postcards pre War ..

I don't know Holland .. and I expect there's been so much change and rebuilding of the town/river/harbour area ..

Thanks for showing us .. Hilary

Christine H. said...

I love the first view with the close-up, but it's also great to see it with all the kids lined up wanting to get in the picture.

Little Nell said...

It’s a very handsome building - but I’ve never been there :)

tony said...

How Odd.The Building Looks Strangely Like Todmorden Town Hall!"