Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cats and Dogs - Sunday Stamps

Apologies for missing out last week but I had no stamps to show other than those from Valentines you saw last year.

Dogs have featured on a number of my stamps that you've seen already and you might remember dogs and horses here

This time I looked for cats and remembering Blake's 'Tyger, Tyger burning bright - In the forests of the night,' I came up with these:

Malaya - Perak
It may be stretching it a bit to class tigers as pets especially if you keep goats.

For other chosen pets, cats, dogs - whatever visit Viridian's sunday stamps 58


Jocelyn said...

I LOVE goats. Just the other day I saw a small herd of goats by the side of the road not 10km away from my home(the herd boy was no where to be seen.) I have always wanted a goat but whenever I say so my dad responds with 'why don't you get married then?'. hahaha. (Not very complimentary about his own gender is he?)

shelly said...

The Tiger stamp from India is beautiful.

viridian said...

Tigers are cats, right? Just very very big cats.
Thanks for participating.

Ana said...

I wouldnt mind keeping a tiger as a pet long as his stomach is always taken care of, there shouldnt be a problem ;)))))

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I suspect the goat is more likely to be domesticated than the tigers, but who knows?

Joy said...

Tigers go so well on stamps, probably safer that way for the goat.

VioletSky said...

If I had to chose, I would definitely pick a goat over a tiger as a pet! I like that old style stamp from Malaya.

Lisa B said...

The tiger stamps are really nice.

Lisa B said...

the tiger stamps are wonderful.
(it's taken me about 8 attempts and I'm still not sure I have the word verification correct, they are making them impossible to read).

Bob Scotney said...

LisaB I'm having trouble too. We are not the only ones judging by comments I've seen on other blogs.

Ana said...

ha ha, ok, so Im not the only one having troubles deciphering those blurry black-shadowed words, just to prove i am not a robot :)

funny though, i think that on several occasions i did not really get them right, coz they were impossible to read, but instead 'preview' i press 'publish' and the comment gets published..