Friday, 23 September 2011

Sandwell Chare - Hartlepool

Earlier I put up this postcard of Sandwell Gate in Hartlepool's town wall. The eagle-eyed among you will see that the wording on the card says, 'Ancient Water Gate Sandwell Chare Hartlepool 1908'.
Sandwell Gate & Sandwell Chare
It checking other details about Hartlepool I came across this photograph taken from the other direction.
Sandwell Chare looking towards Sandwell Gate.
This photo comes from the Museum of Hartlepool's Flickr photostream. It is from The Pattinson Collection (Hartlepool Museum), a group of images taken by the Reverend James Whitehead Pattinson during the latter years of the 19th Century, in and around the Hartlepool and Bishop Auckland areas.


Unknown said...

I absolutely adore pictures like this Bob. History in motion, wow! Thanks for sharing this joy with me today.

Alfandi said...

nice..a travel in time..

Little Nell said...

I wonder what the lads in the street were saying to those up on the bridge!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. fascinating photos .. and Chare means narrow or winding street .. in Wikipedia there's an interesting article on them ..

Love these .. thanks - Hilary

Bob Scotney said...

Hilary, I've just spent Sunday morning looking at other Chares and spinning off to investigate wynds as well. Butts Wynd in St Andrews was one that I knew well, There is also a number of wynds in Yarm - I shall have to get my camera out.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. I had a quick look around - because I'd never heard the word before .. looking at Hartlepool and your two photos .. the second one looks like it's going into space .. and the map shows not much happening - so the land must be pretty marshy (but they'd have drained it) .. or something that can't be built on easily .. - there's a quay and ferry marked in different places - but it's not water either ..

Wynd .. I've never heard of them either .. and I've been to St Andrews but years ago ..

I wrote a post on Shambles - and now I see I mentioned 'chares' in there!! Not surprisingly I'd forgotten! .. the post is here - if you'd like to have a look .. but I don't mention wynds!

England is so interesting with all its intertwining of language/names ..

Enjoy the rest of Sunday - it's positively balmy down here .. Hilary

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Nice gate, interesting structure! I'm glad it still exists.

Bruno Laliberté said...

looks great either way!!