Tuesday, 5 July 2011

SS Great Britain - Vertical Thematic Photography

Over the next week Carmi has chosen Vertical as his theme. It seemed to me that some shots I took earlier this year of Brunel's famous ship the SS Great Britain  would fit it perfectly.

SS Great Britain - abandoned in the Falklands.
This is a 'photo of a photo' in the exhibition aboard the ship as it lies in the Bristol dry dock today. It shows the condition of the ship before it was returned to its home port and restored.

The full glory of those vertical masts can be seen in this picture taken at the Historic Quay that houses the ship and the exhibition.

SS Great Britain
I've managed to maintain the verticals by including the quayside railings in this shot of the stern of the ship in all its splendour.

The first class dining room looks resplendent with its shining pillars.

Dining Room
Finally for this week the photographer was horizontal,on his back, to capture a worm's eye view of a mast.

I hope you liked this vertical tour. Check out more at Carmi's thematic photographic 152


marieclv54 said...

Great pictures, looks like you are a boat lover. I invite you to share your blog with us.

Also add us on your page, we appreciate your support.

Roy Durham said...

love tall ships . great photos thank you for sharing . god bless

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

An excellent selection here. I love that first one of the abandoned ship.

Little Nell said...

You’ve captured both the theme, and the beauty of this historic ship, beautifully. It’s a good theme; I wonder what I can find to post.....

MissMeliss said...

Oh, lovely! I was almost born on the beach so I have a deep love of ships and the sea, and your photos are fabulous.

(And thanks for your note at

Little Nell said...

Bob, there’s a comment on my post from an admirer of yours, who couldn’t leave it any other way due to a problem with Blogger. Happy to host.

Bob Scotney said...

This is the comment that Little Nell referred to:

From Karen S
For BOB Scotney All of yor TP photo's are so exceptional but of course the mystery and beauty behind the abandoned ship takes top billing! So awesome Bob!

Alexia said...

Bob, your blog wouldn't allow me to comment yesterday either, but now I can. This is a lovely selection of pictures; I really enjoyed looking vertically at them! Like the others, I loved the first shot, but my favourite is the last - a great shot!