Thursday, 28 July 2011

Big - Thematic Photography

I've posted photos before of Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Middlesbrough's public art structure Temenos. All of these would qualify for Carmi's theme of 'Big' this week.

However our thoughts this week have often been of Norway where I worked for almost ten years.  My first picture is of  Norwegian flags flying proudly on big flagpoles in Stavanger on happier days.

Stavanger in the 1980s
A big tourist attraction within reach of Stavanger is Prekestolen, the Pulpit Rock. It's well worth a visit but you need your walking boots as it takes up to 1.1/2hrs to reach the top. I just happen to have a postcard showing it in a dramatic fashion.

Prekestolen (597 meters high)
How would you fancy sitting on the top and dangling your feet over the edge as some people do? Not me!

Norway is also known for building offshore platforms. My next postcard is of one, the first I saw during construction.

Statfjord 'A' Platform
Under tow out to the North Sea, 105m above and 119m below sea level

During my first year in Norway I had to visit industrial sites in different places in Europe. In late 1979 one trip took me via Frankfurt in Germany from where I sent this postcard to my wife.

Frankfurt am Main Telecommunication Tower
The cafeteria viewing platform is 220m high, the total height slightly over 331m - big as well as elegant.

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DW96 said...

Great pictures, Bob. I'm getting vertigo just looking at them.

Little Nell said...

Well done for helping us keep Norway in mind. I am not good with heights so I don’t think I’d be dangling my feet over that rock, but it’s very spectacular.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

i also would not be dipping my legs over that drop

Alexia said...

I wouldn't even be up there! I'll look at it from a distance, thanks :)

A really interesting group of pictures, Bob.

Max said...

I got vertigo just looking at the picture of Prekestolen. You can tell it's not in the USA, there's no fence around the whole thing.
Beautiful pictures.

Carmi said...

Thank you for your eloquent tribute to a country that has doubtless occupied the thoughts of most of us for much of the past week. If any good can come of this, it might be a renewed appreciation of what makes this nation so great.

As ever, your ability to relate to the spirit of a theme makes me smile in appreciation. I wish I had a fraction of your insight.