Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Parallels - Thematic Photography.

This week's theme set by Carmi is Parallel which if you are not careful could be confused with last week's Vertical.

I've elected to concentrate on animals this time - well on dogs and a hamster named Deirdre, an escapologist of some renown.

Lily, a Border Collie, takes the parallel bars at speed.
I wonder whether she could take the parallels of the background fence as well.

Deirdre was a childrens' pet some thirty years ago. It didn't matter to her whether parallel bars were vertical or horizontal, they were there to be gnawed or climbed on the way out of her cage.

Deirdre inside her cage for once.
 Labradors like to be inside the house but are equally at home sunning themselves on the deck but not on the parallel planks, their beds are more comfortable.

Sam and Maxie take it easy.
An engineering structure has parallels too as shown by the main support frame for the Statfjord B platform under construction at Rosenberg Verft. Stavanger in the 1980s.

Statfjord B MSF at Rosenberg Verft
You may draw other parallels by visiting Carmi's thematic photographic 153 parallel


shelly said...


tony said...

Both Nature & Human Nature Have A Symmetry & Order .
Lovely Animals.

Mustang Sally said...

Ha! Love the action shot of the dog and the Hamster/Guinea Pig in the cage.

Max said...

Poor little mousie in the jail! Looks like he's just waiting for a piece of cheese with a file in it. I also like the first one, with the dog jumping. Great shots.

Alexia said...

Oh I love your Sam and Maxie! Golden Labradors are the best dogs - I'm so sad that I don't have room for a big dog any more.

Carmi said...

I had gerbils when I was a kid. I never thought to shoot them, though. Pity!

I wish I could have a lab. What wonderful dogs!