Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Log Blog - Thematic Photography

Carmi’s photographic theme this week is ‘rough’; his photo introducing the topic is a piece of wood with a large knot in it.

This reminded me that four years ago I set out to trace the origin of a small wood near the village where I live in the UK. I visited the wood at fortnightly intervals through most of the year taking photos that interested me and which show what was happening as the year progressed.(See: )

Boot Wood
The village in the background is located in North Yorkshire. Most days of the week I walk along the road on the left by the small wood which I christened ‘Boot Wood’ because of its shape.

In March I discovered this log lying on the ground:

Hollow Log
As you can see from its condition and its end it could only be of use for firewood although rabbits were using it as a hiding place:

End view
It was several months before I photographed it again and in the meantime I had been distracted by something you would not want to meet in close-up on a dark night.

Auriculeria judae
Despite its fearsome appearance it was soft and velvety to touch – not rough at all.

Jew's Ear Fungus on an Elderberry Bush

By July the log had begun to fall apart something or someone one had given it a rough time.

Roughened Up!
In November its usefulness to the rabbits had gone; it was beginning to rot and now it was the ants' and insects' turn to put it to use.

Christmas present for ants and insects
I have other pictures from the wood which fit the ‘rough’ theme but I’ll save them for another time.

Meanwhile check out some more rough spots at: Carmi's thematic photographic 151


Max said...

Great series of photos showing the life cycle of the log. Thanks for the story that went with them too.

Tina said...

Very interesting photos. :)

Little Nell said...

What a good idea to chart the progress of the log over a period of time. As ever, fascinating photographs.

L. D. Burgus said...

That is a beautiful area where you get to walk. I like the view of the roads and the woods. It is amazing how fast the wood changes.

tony said...

Change ,Even In The Stillest Places.A Great Series Bob.

Mustang Sally said...

Fabulous series of photos! The log progression is indeed interesting, it's just so cool how Mother Nature provides for all of her critters in the various stages of life and decomposition.

The fungi are incredible. I've not seen any quite like those. I really like that aerial shot also, like a green patchwork.

Off topic ... I swear I hit the follow button last time I was here but for some reason it didn't take and I hadn't noticed. All fixed now ;)

Carmi said...

Very cool time lapse - and kudos to you for having the foresight to stick with it and keep coming back.

Isn't life amazing? Even as it reclaims what once was...

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Oh the fungi appears quite intimidating but described softly. A great series of photos on the life cycle of the wood going back to earth through the months....your persistance has been rewarded...and nothing disturbed the process.


all of this in one single year?? amazing!! and we sometimes look around, thinking everything remains somewhat the same...
not quite!!