Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Death At The Seaside

A STAC Casebook Crime Book - by David Robinson.

Review by Bob Scotney

A quarterly trip of the Sanford Third Age Club (STAC) to Filey and Scarborough is marred by the disappearance and subsequent death of Eddie Roberts one of its members. Joe Murray the proprietor of the Sanford’s Lazy Luncheonette and chairman of STAC uses his deductive skills to unravel the circumstances leading to Eddie’s death.

This short book is filled with the clues that lead Joe to the solution. Anyone who has been to Filey and Scarborough will recognise the location from David’s descriptions as well as the Yorkshire humour that permeates the text.

STAC members’ ages range from 50 to 85. The outings main events – a 60s disco night and an Abba tribute band – and club members are subtly drawn as are Joe’s foils, his assistants from the Lazy Luncheonette, the widows Sheila Reilly and Brenda Jump.

From their base at the Beachside Hotel Joe, with Sheila and Brenda, uncovers the facts behind Eddie Roberts’ disappearance, accident, suicide or murder. His investigation takes him from the unsuitability of Eddie’s personnel effects for a fishing trip on a hot day, via his own ransacked room, and a balaclava clad mugger to the climax back at the Beachside Hotel where PC Flowers has recalled STAC members at the end of their trip to make statements.


This book is available from Amazon and Smashwords. It's an entertaining read ad I'd recommend it to all.  You can find it at:

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