Thursday, 26 May 2011

Toy Dogs or Dogs' Toys on Sepia Saturday

I'll start this week with two Golden Retrievers trying to pull a toy apart:

Ellie & Sophie playing with a dog's toy shaped like a duck's head
By Brandt Luk Zorn (CC A-S Alike 2.0 Generic License)

Rather more genteel is the David Lüders portrait:
Portrait of a young boy with toy gun and dog   

I'm not into shooting unless you count trying (unsuccessfully) to shoot a low golf score. However it's Samwin who acts as my driver cover when he is not watching me write beside my computer monitor:
Back to reality with Cody and Scout getting their breath back after a bout with a teddy bear. Cody will get it back when he really wants it:
Cody & Scout
Finally a lady at her toilet from the Wallace Collection in London; toy dogs know the best place to be.
Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) - La toilette
(GNU Free Documentation License)

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Little Nell said...

Ooh a bit saucy Bob! I like the angelic little boy - practising for when he is a grown-up. His dress looks like velvet, and I love the way he’s tweaking the dog’s ear.

Postcardy said...

The dog in the last one is probably symbolic.

Rosie said...

I like the little fella with the dog.

tony said...

Bob! She Has Some Posh Curtains In Her Lavvy!!!!

Howard said...

Great post Bob. I like the oil paintings, but Cody & Scout are priceless.

MuseSwings said...

Saw your note - no problem with commenting here! Your post has gone to the dogs! Love the dogged variety of your dog pictures. They do know how to hang about and look really cute and act just like...well..dogs, don't they!

Kristin said...

i was going to say that first photo looked like they had a live "toy" but I'm speechless.

Bob Scotney said...

Howard - Cody and Scout are two of my daughter's dogs; Cody is the old boy who still thinks he's a pup.

MuseSwings - blogger is still playing silly beggar with disappearing Friends Connect. It's as annoying as a yapping mutt.


i see i'm not the only one with problems with the widgets on my blogs... i'll stop worrying about that.

a fun post since i like dogs so much!!

Christine H. said...

Those paintings are both lovely and captivating. Actually, Cody and Scout are lovely and captivating too - just in a different way. I could use some entertainment like that.