Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monaco to Nice - Aerial Thematic Photography

I had to go back nearly eight years for these photos. It was either that or wait to take some more in June.

This is the helipad at Monte Carlo with the chopper getting ready for the short hop over the sea to Nice.

After take-off straight over the sea the helipad is just visible.

Then the French coastline through a dirty window which the pilot 'refused' to clean - must have been a big fly or a dirty seagull.

Approaching Nice:

Terra firma!

Couldn't he have landed nearer? The wait for a bus was as long as the flight!

It seemed strange flying without the immersion suit I had been used to on offshore helicopter flights in Norway and out of Aberdeen.
For more aerial acrobatics visit: Carmi's Thematic Photographic 146


DW96 said...

I used to love flying, Bob, but fallen out with it now. That aside, these pics are brilliant.

Rosalind Adam said...

What courage! I'd have been holding on so tightly I wouldn't have been able to hold the camera at the same time... Great photos by the way ;-)

shelly said...

Very cool!

Karen S. said...

What lovely photos a beautiful place! It looks like you had the best weather too...very nice post for TP too! Funny how pictures taken 8 years ago can look like they were taken yesterday!

Karen S. said...

Bob here's my TP aerial link...Carmi does have mine posted now....

Marc Latham said...

Nice photos Bob. I loved south-east France when I travelled there.

Crazy as a Cool Fox said...

Oh what adventures you must have! Thanks for visiting my crazy blog! :)

Mustang Sally said...

I'd like to ride in a helicopter sometime, looks like fun. Nice shots.

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting, Bob! I enjoyed your shots, also...flying in a chopper is so incredible, you took some good shots.
I think that I am going to follow your blog, it looks interesting.
Once again, thanks for stopping by! J.

Carmi said... beyond cool! I've never been on a chopper. Blimp, yes, but not a helicopter. That must be the neatest experience, especially with a pilot with an aversion to cleaning his windows :)

I love how you and everyone else have chosen to interpret this week's theme. I can always count on you to open my eyes more than a bit. Much appreciated!