Friday, 11 February 2011

Strangers - Thematic Photography

I've searched my files for strangers that I have taken, some deliberately some by accident.

These gentlemen were on they way to be the platform  at the Thomas Cooley Law School graduation in 2010 at Lansing, Michigan. I liked the different colours of their gowns.

Still in Michigan I came across mounted police in a park beside the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester. Their face shields have protected their anonymity.

The horses were glad of the drink.

You can get acquainted with more strangers at Thematic Photographic - 134


A Paperback Writer said...

Very nice.
I like both of these. Such clear colors, too. :)

Karen S. said...

Oh you bring back sweet memories for me of (one of) my home towns....I grew up a lot of years right there in good old Lansing, go Spartans! Michigan...!!!!! The mounted Police were my favorite thing to see growing up....actually still today any mounted police get my attention and especially the horse! Love these, great moments in capturing strangers Bob!

Vicki said...

Good shots! I love the park police. :) said...

love love the horse shots!

tony said...

I like this idea.The Comfort Of Strangers !

Alexia said...

the horse pics are great. the colours and the water texture are really lovely!