Friday, 25 February 2011

Letters - Thematic Photography

Several days a week I walk from my village to get a newspaper from a local garage; the round trip is almost four miles. In that short distance there there is  lot of scope for letters:

I don't know if the owner of the cottage behind this gate is a railway fanatic but it might be a mistake to ignore the warning:

Then on his outbuildings the trains come into view:

I hope you can see the letters on the weather vane - the train is, I believe, Stephenson's Rocket.

But I'm sure that you will have heard of this:

Further up the lane is the oldest house in the village with a timepiece on the front:
Sundial Cottage

The cottage is older than the date the sundial and older too than the cottage across the road:

In the pub car park at the top of the lane is a collection box;

The pub was once a coaching inn on a turnpike road between Thirsk and Yarm. A royal welcome can still be expected here:

And finally before I turn for home some gates emblazoned with a motto:

In checking whether this meets Karen's concinnity test all that I have found out is that 'Virtus Sola Nobilitas' - virtue only enobles - is on the coat of arms of the Throckmorton family and  the Clan henderson motto is 'Sola Virtus Nobilitat.'


Karen S. said...

I'd say you have the most delightful walk around! What treasures you have around you..(dating back so far too) and these photos are, skillful, and Yes! a harmonious we walked along with you! That gate (I love gates) is terrific, and the reference to shillings,(makes you curious who does live there?) Thomas the tank well he's always welcome too! Very entertaining stroll, thanks Bob!

L. D. Burgus said...

That is quite a walk. I need to be walking four miles a day. Check out my toy train on my Larry's Creative Zone and see if you can identify what it is a replica of.

me said...

I am in love with your village walks. If I had such inspiring surroundings perhaps I too would walk 4 miles…then again, you saw my living room floor, perhaps not. Please take us on another journey soon. I look forward to it.

Max said...

Great set of photos. I especially like the gate with the reused train placard. I've got a few reused signs around my house, love them.

FCEtier said...

Great topic and fine examples. I've got a review coming out soon of a book you might like: "Serial Photography".

Carmi said...

You have an amazing way of bringing us into your world through your pictures. I can't stop smiling at these pictures: I feel like I took the walk with you!

Delightful interpretation of the theme, Bob.

bruce said...

very cool pictures.

i loved the pics of the ships (on saturday's post) as well!

nice post!

Alexia said...

I enjoyed this series so much! great photos - I especially like the gate and the sundial.
Lovely post.

A Paperback Writer said...

LOVE the gate!! But shillings would be a bit on the rare side now, wouldn't they?

Gilly's Camera said...

thank you for the journey.....loved it!