Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September Hauntings

Situated in the valley of the Yarrow River near Selkirk, Scotland Newark Castle is built on a mound. The 15th century stone tower house is five storeys high with a 16th century two storey caphouse above the wall walk and parapet. 15th century keyhole gun loops pierce the surrounding curtain wall which also incorporates a gatehouse.

On September 13th the sounds of slaughter of men women and children may be heard on the anniversary of a massacre in 1645.

Sherborne Old Castle in Dorset was built in the12th century and leased by Queen Elizabeth in 1592 to Sir Walter Raleigh. The castle contains a stone platform known as Raleigh’s Seat where it is held that each Michaelmas Eve at midnight Raleigh returns for a rest after walking round the grounds.

Sherborne Old Castle was a Royalist base in the Civil War only falling to Cromwell after a 16 day siege in 1645.

Photo by Adam Kocurek  -

Other sources say that Raleigh’s ghost wanders the gardens of the newer Sherborne Castle on 28th September and disappears in the harbour by the tree known as Raleigh’s Oak.


DW said...

Interesting stuff as always, Bob.

Raleigh? Didn't he invent the pushbike? Ah, no. I remember now. He brought spuds back from America, dind't he, and that led to the inventions of chips.

Bob Scotney said...

He got involved with tobacco as well I think. Chips and fags - what a combination.

Tina D said...

Hi Bob,

I love spooky castles, too big of a chicken to visit one but love to read about them.

Tina D

Bhavna said...

hey bob r u serious with this one? I have heard of haunted houses in the uk ...this surely must be one of , is it open for visitor? have u been there?

oops too many questions, good luck with ur blog ...following u bcos u write interesting blogs

Bob Scotney said...

Hi, Bhvana. Both castles are open to the public but I believe there are some restrictions at Newark Castle. You can find details using google.

I haven't been to either place - that's why I used a photo from Pictures of England.

Anna L. Walls said...

I'd like to know more about the massacre.

Bob Scotney said...

Anna, 300 women an children were slaughtered after the Battle of Philiphaugh during the English Civil War. The victims were the families of Irish mercenaries fighting with the Royalists (led by the Marquis of Montrose) against the Covenanters under David Leslie.
I'll research this in more detail