Sunday, 5 September 2010

50 Stories For Pakistan

Greg McQueen is at it again. Not content with 100 Stories for Haiti anthology Greg is now setting out to help people suffering in Pakistan.

So calling all writers. This is your chance to do something for nothing that means something for Pakistan.

Here's what's wanted:
50 Stories for Pakistan

Max 500 words
Any subject, any genre but no death, violence or destruction.

Paste your story in the body of an email.

Greg also needs your name, address and contact number. You can add a short bio if you wish, but the contact details are vital.

Send your email to:

You can also listen to Greg spelling it out by going to:

Don't delay. Greg aims to publish in a month!!


Robyn Campbell said...

I wonder about anything to do with the Bible. Probably not allowed? Sounds so very worthwhile. Thanks for letting us know. I follow from Get Your Blog Followers. Have a nice day.

Bob Scotney said...

Robyn, you can follow the progress of 50 stories at The closing date for submissions is 19 September.

Thanks for joining my followers.