Sunday, 25 July 2021

Sunday Stamps - Great Britain: Queen Victoria One Penny Red

 One of our neighbours from one of our previous addresses has provided me with stamps over a number or years. These have been mainly from Greece but last week she brought me a stamp that has become the oldest in my collections.

Great Britain - 1841

The One Penny Red was first issued in 1841 - the second stamp issued. The original was unperforated. Several different versions were issued - perforated and with different letters in the bottom corners. This has O - A.

As you can see the stamp is a bit tired but that's not surprising for something around 180 years old. I still have to establish exactly what year this was issued.

The theme today on Sunday Stamps is transportation. My old stamp has transported me back even if it's not on theme.


Mail Adventures said...

All stamps transport us to other places and times...

violet s said...

Wow! To be transported so far back in time is a genuine thrill.