Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Junk Food - Thematic Photography

Carmi's back! - with a junk food theme. I not sure however that this market stall for pies qualifies - they certainly smelt good.

 You may wish to like his facebook page Just love pies

Other sights to see were less appetising to me.

Hot dog with loads of onions and and mum's hamburger.
If that's made you hungry then check out what's on offer via the links at Thematic-photographic-415.


Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad I caught this! How fun love your choices, and it's good to see Thematic Photographic again!

Pat Tillett said...

Not only smells good, they also look good! I'm now officially hungry.

carmilevy said...

This definitely has my "junk food" vote, Bob, and I'm delighted that you've rejoined the Thematic fray. Thank you for your patience and support these past few months!

And, yes, this has made me hungry. In a good way :)