Sunday, 2 July 2017

Tall Ships - Sunday Stamps II

I was very disappointed to find that Great Britain has never issued a stamp featuring the Cutty Sark.

I did however find this Clipper Ship from the USA.

USA - 2011
I guess my other stamps this week may not be classed as tall ships, but they are tall to me.

Panama - 1968
And a stamp commemorating 200 years since Captain Cook landed in Hawaii.

USA - 1978

For other tall ships see what has been posted at Sunday-stamps-II-133. and the connecting links.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - if not tall ... they are memorable. Interesting there's no stamp for the Cutty Sark ... but the three ships you've shown us are great examples ... love seeing them. Cheers Hilary

FinnBadger said...

All your choices work for me, Bob. Also nice to see one without the sails unfurled, as you get to see the rigging.

violet s said...

That might almost be considered a crime - no Cutty Sark!
And it is nice to be able to see both full sail and the rigging.
We had the Tall Ships here for Canada's 150th and it was a sight to see the parade of sails in the harbour.

Pat Tillett said...

Still beautiful! It must have really been a chore to sail these beauties.