Thursday, 23 February 2017

Yellow - Thematic Photography

While we are waiting for Storm Doris to catch up with us I'm pleased to say that there is some colour about.

Crocus in roadside verge

Worm's eye view
While in the garden these have weathered the winter so far.

For a bigger splash of colour look no further than -

Euonymus bush
Elsewhere you need to pay attention to the no waiting times.

And exercise caution to avoid the stump of on old street lighting standard.

9 months later
Now LED lights rule!

There is no need to get yellow with jealousy just check others' shots at  Thematic-photographic-401.


Karen S. said...

Wow, it appears that you're experiencing just as nice of weather as we are right now. We are due to get a storm here as well, but hopefully not bad. Your yellow is a breath of fresh air to see! That sign is interesting as well!

Jo said...

It'll be a long time before we see any crocus around here. I do love to see them.

Michèle Dextras said...

Well I hope Storm Doris won't be too harsh! Such wonderful signs of Spring you have and we are still trying to rid oursellves of snow! Great photos!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - love the way the crocuses are coming through now - I've always loved their colours - purple, white and yellow .. gorgeous. Fun other choices of yellows ... cheers Hilary

Gilly said...

Lovely crocuses, thought the sparrows eat all our yellow ones! At least Spring is showing her colours now!

And those flowers in Madeira were Huge - some sort of chrysanthemum maybe? I don't know, but they were quite spiky-looking