Sunday, 26 February 2017

Northern hemisphere - Sunday Stamps II

Around 90% of the earth's population lives in the northern hemisphere which also contains most of the world's land.

A bird we see in our garden regularly is the  

This is one of three birds on my stamps this week.

Bulgaria - 12 Oct 1987
Another bird, on the endangered list, also on a Bulgarian stamp issued at the same time is one I have not seen for years.

Yellow Hammer
Issued slightly later, also by Bulgaria is one I rarely see.

Hooded crow - 6 June 1988
The hooded crow is sometimes known as the Scotch or the Danish crow. I have a photo of one of these taken, appropriately, in Denmark some years ago.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - fascinating group of birds ... love the Bulgarian ones - I seem to be inviting Bulgaria into my life at the moment! The hooded crow is pretty amazing isn't it - I hadn't realised there were other varieties of Crow relative to Scotland (presumably) and Denmark ... certainly their colouration is different. The little wren - brilliant photo you've managed to capture ... while the yellowhammer is pretty isn't he (I guess) ... cheers and enjoy the changing season - Hilary

FinnBadger said...

Great birds - I love the wren stamp. I believe some bid stamps are being issued later this year by royal mail and they include a wren.

Joy said...

Although hooded crows are not my favourite bird I like stamps that show birds amongst nature. Nice we are getting some songbirds stamps this year, I didn't know which they had chosen but now I know at least one.

Maria said...

Hi Bob, I just very recently started following a bird enthusiast in Instagram. It's nice to see more bird photos extended in my other social media hobbies, blogger in this case. I envy people like you who are able to identify the specie of a bird upon looking at it.