Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Out For A Walk - Thematic Photography

So many of my posts on Thematic Photography are taken on my daily walk to collect a newspaper; this week's theme is no different.

Except, that is, the last 24 hours have been wet (it's raining still) and at times very windy. No surprise then that our front garden is covered by debris from the sycamore trees that grow on either side of us.

Leaves on the grass

Although it was still raining as I went up the road, my spirits were lifted by the sight of - 

Charlie, a Yorkshire terrier, is always in a hurry and he does not like the wet. It's even more poignant because he's blind - not that stops him sprinting along on the lead.

Max, the golden labrador, is always delighted to be out, especially when he can wear - 

His glamorous red coat
My walk is not without its hazards with a three-inch deep puddle just where I want to cross.

The rain still falls
I'm glad that this not our drive.

On a miserable day like this sometimes it is difficult to see -

The trees for the wood
All in all it's a day when corners of fields are ideal for ducks.

When I get home there will be work for me, removing -

More sycamore leaves
I just hope that others you can find at Carmi;s Thematic-photographic-390. have had a drier time.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Wow...we could use some rain this way. From drowning this summer, to parched this autumn.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - pretty miserable weather up there I gather ... but lovely photos - I liked the first one with the fuschias still flowering away ...
clever walk you went on ... at least it doesn't sound as though you had to wash your boots and socks from that puddle or swollen river ...

Cheers and amazing skies we're getting ... Hilary

Jean Knill said...

Similar weather at this end of the country, Bob.

Gilly said...

Ah yes, sycamore leaves! A menace in our garden. Love your wet walk, Bob, think we've had just as much rain here!

Gilly said...

The manhole covers were in that famous street alongside the harbour at Bergen. There were several there, but I was rather in the way of the crowds when I was taking a photo!

Will try and do something about the robot pics!!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Love the dogs, Bob. That's what gets me out every day.