Saturday, 25 June 2016


The village of Kirklevington is holding the annual Kirkfest this week. It started last Saturday with the scarecrow competition. 
There were 17 entrants this year and one in particular was a challenge to photograph. Children were invited to -

Hunt for the Bear
This involved following a winding path across the grass - 

between the trees and past the 'spectators,'

not stopping to pet the 'dog.'

It doesn't bite
Just read the clues on the cards on each post as you go along. Eventually you find - 

The elusive bear
Of course if you were tall enough to see over the hedge you could see the display.

If you cheated you might even have seen - 

The bear

I'll post more of the scarecrows in days to come. You may also pick a favourite to see whether you agree with the winners selected by the judges.

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Jo said...

I love that Bob, such fun. Are any children going and playing?