Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Light Bulbs - Thematic Photography

With so many to chose from at my local garage I could take my pick.

There was even a choice of coffee for those who like the stuff.

In the rest room there was a motion sensor that kept its beady eye on you.

Outside Big Brother is watching you with its own light bulb, on in broad daylight.

Perhaps it wants to make sure you pay the correct price when you fill up.

 Some light bulbs are more discrete.

While others save energy whether on or off.

Perhaps you prefer a different shape and shade.

And yet another in a standard lamp if you wish to read.

I hope these light bulbs help you find your way to others inspired by Carmi's challenge at Thematic-Photographic-374.


Alexia said...

These are very good choices for the topic, Bob. I like the monkey-puzzle tree! It was very interesting to see the same price for Unleaded petrol and Diesel! here, Diesel is half the price of Unleaded.

Alan Burnett said...

Sometimes I feel like running up and down streets in the local town switch all the lights off. Perhaps rather like the "window tax" of the seventeenth century, perhaps there should be a tax on neon signs.

Karen S. said...

Oh my, you have it the full load of options for light bulbs, and all with their own necessary value! Great picks Bob.

Gilly said...

Great ideas there, Bob, and a real range of lights! I like your shades, too!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice shots, Bob.

Big Brother also wants to send you a ticket in the mail if your car passed through the yellow light too slowly.