Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cycles - Sunday Stamps II

As I couldn't find tricycles or any motorbikes I had to settle for bicycles.

I've always regarded cycling as a form of savage amusement as I learnt to ride on a fixed wheel bike and pedalled backwards too often by accident, with often spectacular results - for any spectators, that is.

By the time of the 1970  Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh I had given up and just admired this stamp, issued on 15 July, showing cyclists in action.

Great Britain - Ninth British Commonwealth Games
The road past our house is a favourite route for leisure cyclists, mainly men in Lycra who image they are Bradley Wiggins. Cycling club members may also be seen from time to time. 

It was 1978 that saw the centenaries of the Cyclists Touring Club and the British Cycling Federation commemorated on stamps.

Great Britain - 2 August 1978
Sir Bradley Wiggins currently holds the record, once held by Eddy Merckx, for the furthest distance cycled in one hour . Merckx set his record in Mexico City back in 1972. 

It's appropriate then that I should show a stamp issued in 1975 promoting the Mexican export of bicycles.

I hope that when you have cycled over to Sunday-Stamps-II-58. you will find the links to some motor bikes and cycles from other countries.


Eva A. said...

I've really enjoyed the stamps you show. I didn't find bicycles enough, so I'm showing motorcycles :)

Joy said...

The Mexican one is fascinating, I'd never associated them with bike manufacture.

FinnBadger said...

Great stamps. My favorite is the 9p with the penny farthing. And your comment about amateurs in lycra made me laugh.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - wonderful set of stamps to show us ... I love the Cyclists Touring Club and Cycling Federation ones ... 10 1/2 p and 11 p stamps ... wonderful .. those two are great celebratory ones. Men in lycra .. and women I guess too ..

Cheers Hilary

Ana said...

54.526 km in one hour....with a decent bike i may come close, who knows :D

love that whole set btw

VioletSky said...

That poor guy on the penny farthing looks like he is really exerting himself, whereas she is is sailing along effortlessly.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

how do you tax someone a half pence?


Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps - I like to see the historical and present bicycle stamps serie!

Do you still ride bicycle yourself?

Bob Scotney said...

@ R Mac - back then we had a 1/2p coin but it was discontinued in 1983.