Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bridges - Sunday Stamps II

Having selected a bridge as my favourite choice last week I had to search my collection for something different this week.

From Iceland I found the Skeioara River Bridge, a stamp posted in 1978.

Iceland - 1978
At 900 metres the bridge was the longest in Iceland.

Two stamps from Sweden left me wanting to know more.

Sweden - 1969
This shows one of the bridges to Tjörn Island. I am still trying to find out whether this was the one destroyed by an out of control ship in 1980.

My second stamp from Sweden shows an aqueduct carrying ships along part of the Daislands Canal.

Sweden - Aqueduct in Håverud
I believe the bridge in the back ground is a railway bridge.

I've also found this video which is worth including.

Thanks to Paul Christiansen for the video and the following information. The aqueduct was planned in 1863 but due to lack of ideas, it wasn't finished until 1868. It was made in Stockholm and transported to site, where it was put together with 30000 rivets. It is 32.5m long, 4.05m wide and 1.8m deep. The whole system has 4 sluice gates, operated manually.

You can see that Sunday Stamps gets me to all sorts of unexpected places just from researching the background to the stamps I show.

To see other bridges check out the links at Sunday-Stamps-ii-55.

Happy New Year


Joy said...

Aqueducts are fascinating structures, how could you not love a river in the sky.

FinnBadger said...

Great stuff, I really like your aqueduct stamp.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Kilroy :)

violet s said...

It took me a moment to see the ship in the "river in the sky"! I like the colours and shadow play of the Iceland stamp.

Heleen said...

Ooh, that Swedish 1969 is fascinating!

And never realized but you're right, Joy: an aquaduct is a river high in the sky :-)

Jo said...

I guess I hadn't realised people still build aqueducts. I think of them as something the Romans did a lot.

Karen S. said...

Wow, that first stamp is really bold in such deep color! beautiful Bob.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - interesting bridges - the Iceland one, and then the Swedish ones ... the aqueduct with the canal, and then the railway bridge in the background .. fascinating to see - wonderful way to get around Sweden. I'd love to visit both countries one day ... Happy New Year and cheers Hilary

Tony McGurk said...

Lovely stamps & I really enjoyed the video of the aqueduct. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful things they were able to build long before we had all the modern construction machinery of today