Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Messy - Thematic Photography

"To find a form that accommodates the mess that is the task of the artist now."

If you substitute photographer for artist in the quote from Samuel Beckett you get the task that Carmi has set us this week.

Where to begin?

Messy corner
Having loaded up with cameras, backpack and hat I only had to travel to the bottom of my drive for another messy corner created by a sycamore tree losing its leaves.

Autumn's first mess
With autumn taking a step forward, it does seem to have been long since something in the pink has turned into a messy sight.

'Browned off hydrangea'
Then there is a mess that is becoming more useful as it ages.

Maturing horse manure
And a sign that nature can take care of its own mess as it rots.

Blackberries past their best
Some autumn sights add colour to a scene.

Grass verge carpeted with leaves from an ash tree
But there is some mess that I wish some people would not leave behind.

Messy litter (5 months old) dumped in a lay-by
Have I succeeded with this 'messy' post?

"Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things." (T S Eliot)

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Michèle Dextras & Jean-Claude Barre said...

Great post Bob, a lot more creative than mine! Thanks

Karen S. said...

Yes you have succeeded well. But for your messy first photo upon your desk, I say a productive mass of fun stuff awaits your touch!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


'maturing manure'

carol l mckenna said...

Great 'messy shot' theme photography ~ Autumn is a 'mixed bag' of beauty and mess and sometimes 'beauty is the mess'!

artmusedog and carol
(A Creative Harbor)

Jo said...

That last picture makes me mad. Your other messy pix are fine though.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Yes, you have!

And the 'maturing horse manure' made me laugh.

Max Sartin said...

Blackberries, mmmm. There was a blackberry bush in the yard when I was growing up. Loved picking them for mom (1 for mom, 2 for me. 1 for mom, 2 for me)

Gilly said...

Illegal and messy dumping makes me really cross! How can anyone do it? Though I suspect foxes had a part in scattering that litter. And have you noticed so many of the leaves dropping this year are just crinkly brown and dry?