Sunday, 26 October 2014

Trades/Professions - Sunday Stamps

Greetings from the USA this week where we are staying with my daughter, her husband and three dogs. Yesterday was a bit traumatic as Gem, her oldest dog, had to be put to sleep after a remarkable 15 and a half years. Gem was the last of the original "Gang of Four."

The lady vet from the Lap of Love, a veterinary hospice was a true professional. However I do not have a stamp that is appropriate for her.

Nevertheless I was surprised to find how many stamps meet Viridian's 'trade/professions' theme.

Algeria - Job Mechanics; 18 April 1965
Hungary - Welder series 1955
Lebanon - Potters work
Iceland - Nurse and patient
This stamp was issued on 19 June 1970 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Icelandic Nurses Association.

My last stamp this week is from Tunisia.

Tunisia - Nass-work - Handicrafts; 15 August 1979
I was pleased to be able to include my one and only stamp from Algeria as the theme forced me to identify what it represented.

I wonder whether anyone will have a stamp of a philatelist this week. To find out you will have to check the links at Sunday-Stamps-193.


Heleen said...

I feel so sorry for your daughter's loss of Gem.

Beautiful and interesting stamps, thank you very much for sharing.

Lisa B said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about Gem.
Great selections for the theme.

Postcardy said...

Here's a philatelist I posted a couple of years ago.

I may have posted some others. Maybe I can post one next week.

Jo said...

So sorry to hear about Gem. It's horrible to lose a pet, they are so much part of the family.

Enjoy your US visit.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

You certainly did find a lot of relevant stamps. Clearly I didn't look hard enough.

Sorry to hear about Gem. It's horrible having to have a dog put to sleep.

Joy said...

Sad to loose an old pal. I like the style of the Tunisian stamp, its interesting how some countries stamps are harder to come by than others.

Hawwa Ma said...

I like the two first stamps, as part of my family have these jobs. The comic-style of the Tunisian stamps is very nice, too.