Thursday, 11 September 2014

Summer (and signs of Autumn)

There have been hordes of butterflies in our garden this year with Peacocks, Red Admirals and Tortoiseshells in abundance. However a smaller species has been around a lot as well.

Speckled Wood butterfly on a Euonymus
(Emerald 'N Gold) leaf
Those black 'eyes' on its wings seem to be watching you.

I walk by things every day without using my eyes. A garden by the roadside always has a magnificent show of dahlias which I have neglected to photograph until today when some are past their best.

Roadside Dahlias
That photo does not do justice to the beauty of individual blooms ( I do not know the names of each variety.)

I have watched corn grow throughout the year but never managed to see it being harvested.

Just stubble and a single pile of straw bales
The farmers certainly get on quickly as most of this field has been ploughed and rolled. Today sowing for next year's crop was in progress.

Seed drill at work
The tractor behind the bush was pulling a roller to break down another ploughed section of the same field.

If farmers are starting on autumn tasks others have a move to warmer climes in mind.

Preparing to fly south
Here's something we tend to take for granted.

Fuchsia bush at the top of our drive
We really should look closer as we walk past.

Fuchsia flowers
Obviously summer isn't quite over yet.


Little Nell said...

A gloriously colourful post. Fuschia is one of my favourite flowers; you’re lucky to have one of your own.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


I need to plant more flowers in my yard. I love butterflies.