Sunday, 14 September 2014

Automobiles and Motor Transport - Sunday Stamps

This should have been an easy theme if I had not shown most of my car stamps before. I've had to go back to the 'Celebrate the Century' stamps from the USA.

USA - 1900s Model T Ford
And from the 1950s the way to see a film.

USA - Drive-in Movies, 1950s
I've bent the theme a bit with stamps from Germany and Canada - well there is at least one car on them.

Germany - Each Time Safety, 5 June 1973
This was from a safety series issued over several years and shows a child playing with a car approaching.

My Canadian stamps just has a street scene with an automobile or two.

Meanwhile on my wish list is a set from 13 January 2009 on British Classic Designs (both stamps are scanned from a catalogue.)

Great Britain
So far these have not turned up on my favourite market stall.

For other automobiles and forms of motor transport check out the links at Sunday-stamps-187.


Mail Adventures said...

The cars in the cinema... What a wonderful stamp!

viridian said...

The classic red bus - how wonderful. Thank you for participating.

Postcardy said...

I like the design of the Canadian stamp best, though I don't know what the subject is.

Lisa B said...

Cool stamp with the drive-in movie! I totally missed the 2009 set too.

VioletSky said...

I've also been on the lookout for the Routemaster stamp. Love the drive-in one!
The Canadian one is meant to show a Prairie town with the wide streets and the grain elevators.

Heleen said...

Nice stamps! Recently I heard an interview on the radio, in which the T Ford was mentioned, and the (succeeded) attempts of Henry Ford to create an affordable car.
The Mini I hadn't seen for many years, but there might have been a revival, as there seem to be a lot Mini's around now. Newer models, but the one in your stamp I like most!

Jo said...

You showed the cars at the movies, there was still a drive in movie theatre where we lived. Went there a few times. I enjoyed it. Love the double decker, used to catch those all the time when I was working in London. I have a few stamps for you which I will mail soon.

Joy said...

The 'drive in movies' is a wonderful design idea and so 50s America. I missed the 2009 design ones too but by coincidence just bought a FDC of them arranged around Paddy Hopkirk driving his mini. Maybe one will turn up at your market stall!