Sunday, 22 June 2014

World Cup - Sunday Stamps

With the World Cup in full swing it seemed appropriate to choose football stamps this week.

The tournament in Sweden in 1958 saw Brazil win the cup. Poor England had their worst result ever until this year when we are 'out' after just two matches. However my World Cup stamp from that year comes from none of these three countries.

World Cup 1958 - Czechoslovakia
1962 saw Chile host the tournament, won yet again by Brazil. My stamp for this is not from Chile either but from - 

World Cup 1962 - Hungary
A stamp from Ruanda commemorated the Cup in 1966.

World Cup 1966 - Ruanda
Of course the Cup that year was hosted by England; Great Britain issued a set of three commemoratives on 1 June 1966. I only have two of these.

World Cup 1966 - Great Britain
The stamps were:
  • 4d Player with Ball
  • 6d Goalmouth Melee
  • 1/3d Goalkeeper saving Goal.
The 4d stamp was reissued on 18 June 1966 with the wording added "ENGLAND WINNERS"

I wonder how many tears there will be and how many years we will have to wait to see that again.

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Joy said...

Looking on the bright side now I can now settle down and just enjoy the football without anxiety, lets hope England can play their last game like that. I liked the line drawing sports stamps of Czechoslovakia from that era.

Postcardy said...

That's a good topic for this week.

Jo said...

Nice stamps. Pretty poor showing for the English football team.

Karen S. said...

A perfect series!

Heleen said...

The world and european championships are the only times that I am really interested in soccer. I've been watching some of the matches, and found them exciting from the beginning until the end.
Sad that England is 'out' (as are some other of my - many - favourite countries, too, alas). My own country still is 'in', so here in the Netherlands there is more and more 'oranjegekte': more and more orange colour to see in the streets.

I enjoy to see your collection of stamps, such various countries, and beautiful designs! Thank you for sharing!

viridian said...

It amazes me sometimes how the USA is so behind the world when it comes to soccer - um football.
thank you for participating!

Little Nell said...

I like the last two stamps particularly - lots of movement.

VioletSky said...

Living in a country that will likely never get the chance to humiliate themselves on the World Cup pitch, I can watch and cheer on every team with no favourites

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

They think it's all over - well it is now.

Great choice of stamps!

Ana said...

oh, it was soo cool to see the Yugoslavian flag! love it! This reminded me that I have some of the stamps from that series actually

as for the World Cup..I feel like I belong to the minority that is absolutely not interested in the whole thing...