Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Streetscapes - Thematic Photography

I never realised how few street scenes I take until Carmi's streetscape theme came up this week. Here are some from my archive dating back into the 1980s in Stavanger.

Gamle (Old) Stavanger, Norway
This was taken on a Sunday in the old part of the town. In contrast a shopping street is much busier on a weekday.

Stavanger shoppers
As part of her German course at Birmingham University my daughter spent a year at Freiburg University in Germany. We visited the city later, took some photos and asked her 'Wo ist das?'

Freiburg street market, 2002
Freiburg clock tower - but not a tram in sight.
But when you live in a village as small as ours, this is what you may see in Spring.

Forest Lane, Kirklevington - April 2010
Looking down the lane instead - it's still empty.

Forest Lane in bloom
These last two pictures have cheered me up a bit as it has been wet and windy all week.

For more street scenes just stroll over to /thematic-photographic-265.


Jo said...

Interesting pictures Bob, I don't really remember much about Stavanger but I wasn't there as long as you. Love your local shots.

Max Sartin said...

Nice set of streets. That cobblestone one is a beautiful one.

Alexia said...

All your pictures have cheered me up, Bob. And the last two have given me an idea for my Streetscape post!

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Good shots. I particularly like the Kirklevington photo.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Look at that old-fashioned (and stylish) pram!

(Do I need to specify "baby" pram?)

Anonymous said...

great shots :)

photodoug said...

Nice captures. Enjoyed viewing the market scene.

Karen S. said...

So many great shots here, it's hard to pick a favorite. You sure have a lovely country side all about you Bob.

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, lovely. Makes me want to go there!

Gilly said...

Ah yes - Old Stavanger! I remember the hilly bits only too well!! Kirklevington looks really lovely - daffodils on mown verges, blossom, and nothing in sight! I'm glad places like that still exist all over the UK.